Since I was a little girl I was fascinated by photography.

I think it started when I realized that photographs captured memories and the warm feeling I would get as I would flip through my family's old albums. They brought me to a place where I could reminisce, smile and laugh. Photographs brought me to places I had never seen before and faces I had never met. How amazing to be able to see family from generations ago! That's when I realized I wanted to share those feelings with other people through my art.....

When I'm not taking pictures
I love to be outside whether it be...

Tending to my Chickens

Chopping Wood

Riding my Big ol' Tractor

Hiking or doingYoga

I love the simiple things in life
like a...

Hot Cup of Tea on a Chilly Day

Watching the Sun go Down

The Smell of the Warm Summer Air

Being Surrounded by Family at Dinner